Contract with Lithuanian customs for declaration system development and maintenance
eSAMBO system has been awarded RETAIL EVOLUTION AWARDS 2013.
The Polish President Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski awarded the founder of SKG S.A. Mr. Zbigniew Glowka Doc.Eng with the BRONZE SERVICE CROSS to industry.
System eSAMBO has achieved Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready Status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).
On 21st January, 2013 SKG S.A. concluded the agreement of over MPLN 4 on the designing, implementation and maintenance of the PDR System with the State Treasury - The Ministry of Finance.

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Company overview

SKG S.A. was established in 1986 by engineer Zbigniew Główka, PhD. In the early years our efforts concentrated on development of solutions for construction industry and banks. First projects for customs started in early nineties. Current President of the Board, Jarosław Główka, is a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics (Faculty of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems), Universitaet Passau in Germany (Microeconomics) and Orgmasz Institute in Warsaw (Management Analytics Postgraduate Study).

Our team provide the customers with high quality service, expertise
and advice at:
  • Design, development and implementation of dedicated IT systems,
  • Consulting in the field of new technologies,
  • Technical and content-related training.
These are the business areas we understand best:
  • Tax & Customs
    • administration,
    • business,
  • Retail trade
    • supermarket chains,
  • Audit and data analysis
    • administration,
    • banking and finance,
    • business,
  • Tourism and exchange of information
    • central and regional authorities.
People who contribute to company's success are business analysts, system and database designers, programmers, testers, as well as implementation, sales, administration, quality assurance and support staff.
Our strengths:
  • Flexibility,
  • Deep business knowledge of the areas we are involved in,
  • Expertise in software products quality assurance procedures,
  • Proved technical expertise in:
    • development of advanced enterprise solutions in J2EE standard using commercial products and open source solutions,
    • effective integration of information systems in a heterogeneous corporate environment,
    • design of large-scale, efficient databases,
    • use of multilayer architecture and data replication facilities in geographically distributed structures,
  • Knowledge of the environment that the IT solutions have to face in Poland and Central & Eastern Europe Countries.

Corporate headquarters

43-309 Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Al. Armii Krajowej 336

tel. (+48 33) 82-81-100,
fax (+48 33) 82-81-105

Driving directions:
bielsko zdjęcia Przebudowa Drogi Krajowej nr 52 Wyzwolenia Bielsko-Biała bielsko z lotu ptaka bielsko-biała zdjęcia lotnicze haft komputerowy Bielsko-Biała obwodnica wschodnia skg, systemy komputerowe główka, glowka, zbigniew glowka, jaroslaw glowka, planus, ecs, celina, sad, dokument sad, intrastat, dekaracja intrastat, cło, import, ics, eksport, ncts, zefir, procedura uproszczona, przetwarzanie pod kontrolą, xml, taryfa celna, oprogramowanie celne, oprogramowanie spedycyjne, program obsługi celnej, acl, audyt, audyt wewnętrzny, audyt oprogramowanie, audyt wdrożenia, wykrywanie nadużyć, kontrola wewnętrzna, analiza danych Oprogramowanie celne Program celny polish customs software poland customs european customs europe electronic customs NCTS wrota celne PLANUS ACL audyt ACL program do audytu audyt oprogramowanie Kancelarie adwokatów i radców prawnych