Contract with Lithuanian customs for declaration system development and maintenance
eSAMBO system has been awarded RETAIL EVOLUTION AWARDS 2013.
The Polish President Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski awarded the founder of SKG S.A. Mr. Zbigniew Glowka Doc.Eng with the BRONZE SERVICE CROSS to industry.
System eSAMBO has achieved Oracle Exadata Ready and Oracle Exalogic Ready Status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).
On 21st January, 2013 SKG S.A. concluded the agreement of over MPLN 4 on the designing, implementation and maintenance of the PDR System with the State Treasury - The Ministry of Finance.

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Customs, transportation and freight forwarding

Customs has been our domain since the very beginning. We offer comprehensive software for international corporations, as well as simple and effective solutions for small companies and customs agencies. Our offer has recently been extended with transportation and freight forwarding management software.

  • CUSTOMS GATEWAY - service designed to assist in the exchange of electronic data between traders and customs administration.
  • PLANUS® - supports generating and exchange of e-declarations and messages with customs administration on the basis of trade documents, stock reports and shipping declarations.
  • KLEVAS® - management information system designed for transportation and freight forwarding companies.
  • ECS VIEW - provides easy backup and storage of any electronic documents for 5 years, according to current legal requirements.

Audit and data analysis

We offer solutions of worldwide leaders in data analysis, monitoring and auditing, data access, as well as audit processes and risk management.

  • ACL™ – ACL software is a global standard software for data access, analysis and reporting for audit and control purposes. ACL™ is a set of diverse solutions for data analysis designed to suit both individual users and audit teams.
  • dab:GmbH - the German company dab:GmbH, which has a long experience in working with ERP systems and ACL™ software, has developed a complete set of solutions that can be used to extract and analyze large volumes of data from systems based on SAP© R/3™. The main element of this solution is dab:exporter, which allows the user to quickly download data from all modules of SAP© R/3™ to be directly exported into ACL™ in a format that allows for data analysis to be carried out immediately.
  • METHODWARE ERA™ - Methodware is a leading global developer of software for risk and audit processes management. Enterprise Risk Assessor (ERA) is a system developed and designed to be used by companies planning to implement corporate, clear and unified risk management system for all or only for the selected types of risks.


Many years of cooperation with the leading retailers provided an opportunity to develop solutions covering key areas of chain stores activity.

  • eSAMBO - comprehensive and innovative-technology based solution, designed to handle store back office, with optional front office management.


As a company with almost 15-years experience in development and implementation of Internet-based information and data processing systems we offer the best available system, supporting simple and very complex e-Government processes, incorporating the unique features of the Human Centric Processes at the same time.

  • RESULTMAKER Process Platform™ - system providing individuals and companies with tools for easy information exchange with administration. The system is used in Denmark - a leading country in e-Government solutions implementation.
SKG S.A. is a provider of comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for business and administration meeting global quality standards.
For over twenty years we have designed, developed, implemented and maintained dedicated information systems, successfully employed, in large scale, in Poland and other countries. We are also highly experienced in system integration and development of reliable and effective solutions based on SOA architecture. Our systems employ commercial solutions of worldwide technology leaders (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Resultmaker, Software AG) and Open Source products (Apache, Glassfish, JBoss, Open ESB, Spring, Hibernate, Jasper, Alfresco). Our developers have a wide experience in J2EE and .NET technologies. We are also an active member of electronic data exchange committees, e.g. WCO (World Customs Organization).

The most important SKG S.A. solutions are implemented in the following areas:

  • tax and customs ,
  • retail,
  • electronic services,
  • tourism and exchange of information.

Here you will find the most important projects accomplished in recent years.

We provide a professional technical support available 24/7/365 for all our solutions and also a full range of training and workshops at our own, well-equipped

To find out more about our products and services please contact our Sales Department:
tel. +48 (33) 82-81-100 or e-mail:

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